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In the healing tradition of the Yawanawa, Rapé is a medicine prepared from Tabacco leaves and the ash of a tree called Tsunu. It's a snuff that traditionally is passed to another person through a Tepi or through self usage with a Kuripi.

It is a medicine that has been part of their culture for as long as they know, used by their ancestors far before any westerners came to their land.

Today there are many people around the world using this medicine and sharing it with others. There are many people making it and selling it. However there are few that have a real study with this medicine in the form that it was traditionally used. The roots of this medicine are very ancient and mysterious. Today its use is very widespread and becoming more common while the elders from whom it came have already passed away.


The words of these elders are rarely shared. Many people are sharing this medicine in a form that is disconnected from the healing tradition it comes from. Like all medicines, Rape has a light and a dark side. It is a medicine that, when used in the right way can bring us many good things for our life. It can bring healing.


But if misused it can also harm and bring negative things for our lives. This misuse often comes from a lack of education and information rather than bad intention.

Seeing all of this Hushahu felt to open her heart to share a bit about the study of rape in the Yawanawa tradition.


In this class she will share about:

  • How rapé has been used traditionally by her ancestors for healing purposes

  • Its preparation

  • The right relation and proper use of rapé

  • The force that this medicine carries and what it can bring to us, both good and bad.

  • How we can avoid its dark side and work with it consciously, with respect and care.

In working with medicines Hushahu says there are 3 important points: to respect the medicine itself, to respect ourselves and to respect anyone who has the trust to sit in front of us to receive this.

Who is Hushahu Yawanawa?

Hushahu was the first woman who entered into a shamanic study in the story of her people. Before her this path was only open to the men of the tribe. As a young woman curious to discover the world of the pajes, she asked her father Tuinkuru to study and eventually Tuinkuru and the paje Tata accepted her onto the path to study and she did a diet of one year and three months isolated in the forest with her teachers. During her diet she began to discover the world of the Pajes as a woman, expressing this through her art and her voice, receiving female voices for the traditional songs. In the words of her father she was "discovering the secrets of the pajes". Today the designs that she received are used in the artworks of many different tribes in Brazil. Following her diet Hushahu continued to study with Tata until his death and the path of spirituality opened for the women of the tribe. Today many women are studying and singing as equals to the men in ceremony.

Today Hushahu is one of the spiritual leaders of her village Mutum and is dedicated to keeping the tradition of her people alive. She has many students among the youth of the village as well as from the world outside the forest where she travels and holds works for those who wish to study. She is a great inspiration for female empowerment for the Yawanawa and for women in different regions of the world. Each year she organizes a Women's retreat in Mutum, where women from all over the world come together to study and discover step into their power.

Together we are raising funds for Hushahu to build a new Healing Centre in the Amazon. This is the first event of many more that will follow in the next few weeks. As much as ceremony weekends and retreats. For more details on this please email us at and we can share more information with you soon!

PS.: If finances hinder you to join us for this event please feel free to also email us at and together we can always find a way.

100% of the the money goes directly to Hushahu for her project in the village to build a new spiritual centre, a school to study, and place to heal.

Purchase the recording here.

It's $150 for +2hrs

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