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A village of the Yawanawá tribe in the state of Acre in Brazil was selected as a pioneer village of experimentation. We want to create a sustainability model that will serve as an example for future villages. Projects of waste recycling and conservation of the local flora and fauna are in the process of being created

Who are the Yawanawa?

The Yawanawa are an indigenous tribe that have been living in the Amazon Rainforest since the beginning of time. It’s their home yet they don’t see themselves as the owners of the land. They are the care takers. The guardians.


Living sustainably and in harmony with nature, they've been nomads for centuries.

After the first contact with the white people this changed.

They started to settle and slowly but steady became dependent on the white people. The missionaries and the rubber trappers.


There are seven villages of the Yawanawa spread along the Gregorio River in Acre, Brazil.

Around 1000 Yawanawa live there today.

Many are leaving the villages as they believe they will have a better life in the cities.

This is where they forget their connection with nature and their community and alcoholism and drug abuse almost tore their culture and community appart.


Today the younger generations are a big part of why the culture is coming back to life and through their culture and spirituality they understand that it is of the utter most importance to keep their traditions alive and share them with the world. So that we too, as western people, can live in a harmonious and healthy way amongst each other on this planet, re-establishing our connection with nature and ourselves.


The culture of the Yawanawa is so rich and precious that it is of extreme importance to preserve their heritage and share it with the world. It is through their wisdom and knowledge about the jungle and it's healing properties that many people who go there today find the cure they are looking for.





Strenghtening the community is the number one priority in all cultures around the world.

Only when we come together as a tribe can we extend our impact into the infinite.

For the Yawanawa to regain their strength as a community they're in need of a place where they can come together and gather.

Where they can share their culture and wisdom with the younger generations as well as the people who come there to experience deep healing and connection with themselves.

This is why we decided to focus on building a place for them to come together as one big family, where all projects can be discussed and decided on.

A place to recharge and reconnect with their culture.



Sustainable energies.

Right now the villages have two hours of electricity a day, run by generators. These generators are extremely loud and use gasoline that's not only poisoning the environment but also is very expensive for the Yawanawa.

Since the idea is to create a self sustaining village, free energy is one of the most important components.

What we want is to substitute the generator with sustainable solar panels as well as making sure that the maintenance is covered.

Starting with the village of Mutum we have a total of 9 villages to cover.



Waste Management.

With more and more dependence on the outside world, waste production in the villages is growing as well.

Right now everything (including plastic, batteries, and metals) gets buried and leaves a huge impact on the Amazon itself. It's just not acceptable at all and we are urgently looking for a long term solution. Together with local Brazilian NGOs we are aiming to solve this problem as soon as possible - step by step removing all plastic from the villages. Directing the tribe more and more into a sustainable way of living with natural and organic products only.

For now this means to buy two big boats that will be collecting trash once a month and delivering it to the nearest dumpsite.

To buy the boats and pay the drivers we are urgently looking for donations.

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