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Joined by the Shipibo-Konibo, Harakbut, and Ashaninka people.

Nature teaches us that every generation is a seed of information that informs the future generations of growth; every fertile soil of each culture holds clear information that is passed through generations and is the strength of our cultural identity and cultural wisdom.


On many fronts, what is contained within this cultural wisdom is the timeless wisdom of ecology, sustenance, and harmonious exchange between humanity and the natural world.

December 10th, 2021

Why this conference?

More and more of the Amazon Jungle's indigenous youth are being pulled out of their communities to the cities in order to support parental lineages who are still living alongside their origin rivers and trees. In many cases, they are witnessing their family members being forced off of their ancestral lands as said lands are swallowed up by environmentally-damaging corporate activities.


In some cases, river waters upon which indigenous jungle communities rely are being so heavily contaminated that pregnant women are giving birth to still-born babies or babies who are highly disfigured or who otherwise enter the world with severe disabilities.


This congress aims to answer the question:


What are the current issues that Indigenous Amazonian populations are facing?


What is the long-term impact for these populations, and what do the future of Amazonian culture and human sustenance look like?


The answer for the future generations always lies with the children and the youth. No matter where we stand geographically, children are always the seeds of what is to come.


This project aims to support an iconic and inaugural event that brings together the youth of Amazonian Jungle communities of Peru and beyond to express and explore some important questions. Among many others, some of the further questions to be addressed are:


Where will Amazonian cultures be 30 years from now and what will that look like?


How can the youth be empowered in sovereignty to know their gifts and abilities to carry forward the seed of their cultural heritage into future generations, should they choose to?


This project will finance the travel expenses of representatives from the Shipibo-Konibo tribe, Harakbut Nation (of Madre de Dios), and the Asháninka people (of Atalaya) to enable youth from various Amazonian communities to be heard, witnessed, supported, and empowered.

Funds Raised will facilitate a congress of youth during which issues may be addressed, bridges may be built between communities and initiatives may be launched. They will also fund the travel expenses required for all representatives and advocates to arrive in the community of Masisea in the area of Pucallpa, Coronel Portillo, Ucayali, in the Peruvian Amazon.

Any remaining funds will be automatically donated to the next stage of this initiative, namely the initiatives for leadership development among the youth of the region.

This congress also calls for the youth to be heard and witnessed by the president of Peru, Mr. Pedro Castillo, and it is intended to be a landmark event in the histories of both the Shipibo-Konibo tribe and the Peruvian nation as a whole.

General Objectives & Expected Results

  • To promote leadership among youth and adolescents by way of the perception and proposal of indigenous youth.

  • To promote leadership with a firm sense of identity, tolerance, and respect for our differences.

  • To assume leadership with established opinions and with ethics and identity.

  • To strengthen communication capacity and competency.

  • To define visions of being a promoter of action within an individual’s community.

During the encounter, participants will build towards occupying the role of promoters of action, improve their persuasive techniques and personal charisma in line with modern leadership by way of communication exercises and dynamics that will permit them to express themselves and recognise their potential.

Programme and Schedule for the conference

Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 4.14_edited.jpg

Please help us raise the remaining 7750,- Euro for this very important project. You can donate below.

Please mention "Youth Conference" when sending your donation. Thank you!

Would you like to join us online and watch the conference from the comfort of your home?


The conference will be live streamed, translated, and recorded!

So you can join us life for the day, and/or watch the recording whenever it works for you.

We can't wait to learn from the experts ourselves and to share this special day with Amazon's indigenous youth!

Tickets are $45 and will go towards the money we still need for the conference.

Get your ticket here:

Info and confirmation email will be send out within 24hrs of purchase.

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