Our Story

When you travel to the jungle frequently there are many stories to be told.

Like this one.

Franziska Freitag, who is the founder and CEO of The Floresta Association has quite some experience with working with sacred plant medicines like the sacred brew of Ayahuasca. And we guess, if you work with substances that expand your consciousness, help you see beyond the cultural programming, and becoming a whole new sense of self, that’s when there are many stories to be told, that you don’t hear in our every day world.


After living many years all over the world in the year 2017 Franziska decided to move back to Germany for good. At least she thought so…

A few months in Munich and she couldn’t help but feel like there was something off.

Already hearing the call of the jungle she committed to a trip to Peru to meet the Kambo frogs in their natural habitat and didn’t think much about but did  another Ayahuasca ceremony before she left. At the very end of the weekend in the final hours of the ceremony she hear a voice in her head saying: “If you really want to follow your purpose, stay in the jungle till February!”


That was three more months than Franziska had planned.


Fast forward she ended up staying with a tribe called Yawanawa, spent a lot of time in the middle of the Amazon, all on her own, dieting, fasting, studying, and connecting with a tribe so beautiful and magical that she simply fell in love.


During her time of the diet, where she was isolated, fasting on very little food and liquid, drinking sacred plant medicine frequently, on morning she was meditating in her hammock.


And there she saw it.

Crystal clear.

Right in front of her eyes.

The NGO.

And she knew it had to be birthed into this world.

By her.

So she did.


Today Franziska is teaming up with some of the most amazing human beings on this planet to support the Amazon jungle and the traditional people who have been living there since the beginning of time.

Expressing her deepest heart’s desires through different projects giving back to the place where she found the deepest love, purpose, and healing she’s ever experienced in her entire life.