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The Amazon rainforest is also referred to as the 'Lungs of the Planet' because it produces more than 20% of the world's oxygen. There are approximately 10 million species of animals, plants and insects known to man and more than half of them call the rainforest home.If Amazonia were a country, it would be the 9th largest in the world, measuring in at a whopping 2.5 million square miles.


Due to deforestation, it is estimated we are making more than 137 species extinct every day!


Whilst deforestation has slowed in recent years, the Amazon rainforest is still disappearing at a rate of 1.5 acres every second, meaning the Amazon will be completely destroyed within 40 years if deforestation continues at the current rate.




The Floresta Association is a Non Profit Organization that dedicated it’s mission to protect and conserve the Amazon as well as the indigenous tribes that live there.

To preserve their culture and supporting them to connect with their roots once again.

Through different projects we make sure that the rainforest gets treated with utter most care so that these people can thrive living a sustainable life in harmony with their habitat.

Floresta is build on three pillars that we focus on:

Environmental Protection

Cultural Preservation

Education & Raising Awareness

While supporting the Amazon and those communities with clean water, food, waste management, infrastructure and any other needs they have, we also focus on keeping their culture alive and sharing it with the world.

In cooperating with the leaders as well as every single person from the villages we are excited to be creating projects that will impact generations to come. Conserving the wisdom of their traditional language, their immense wisdom about alternative medicine, as well as ancient healing techniques.

So together we can utilize the best of the ancient wisdom with the latest modern science and research to bring humanity forward, thriving and evolving into a harmonious world of balance, peace, and freedom.




We envision a future for the Amazon where the land is protected and owned by it’s people. 

Not the government nor any other cooperation. 

Where flora and fauna is protected and looked after.

Thriving together with its people.


By preserving the Amazon we preserve lifetimes and generations to come. 

We vision a world for our children, grand children, and their children, where we live in peace. Where humanity is free. And all life is equal.

Where nature is treated with love and respect.


As we can observe today we know that our planet needs change.

A change in thinking.

A change in living.

A change in consuming.

A change in consciousness. 


We believe that it is these indigenous cultures who will help our planet and humanity to shift from an all consuming, materialistic and capitalistic way of living into a sustaining, healthy and respectful approach in harmony with our natural surroundings. 

Not going back to their way of living.

But evolving together as humanity, understanding that every human being has the same worth.

The same importance on our planet.

And the same rights.

With the same opportunities.


This is what we see. What we want. And why we founded The Floresta Association.

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