Amazon Celebrations 

- A Fundraiser

Come join us for an evening full of celebrations!

Celebrating, life, our human family, and the AMAZON itself!



“The wisdom keepers of the Amazon - meet the Yawanawa tribe”

... in co creation with GISELLE WORLD & CACAO LABORATORY

(Cacao, Music, & Amazon Awareness)

We are beyond excited to invite you to this fund raising event of the Floresta Association.

A non profit organziation with its aim to protect and conserve the Amazon as well as the indigenous tribes that live there.


Many of us had the life changing gift of experiencing the gifts of the Amazon first hand.

Some of us even had the opportunity to travel deep into the jungle and experience the true magic that still remains there hidden in its true magic.


Now it’s time to give back.

To come together as tribe so we can give back to those who help us become who we are today.

The wise ones.

The elders.

The wisdom keepers.


To protect their habitat, the lungs of our planet, and wisdom they’ve been looking after since the beginning of time that now they’re sharing with us so openly.


Working close with the Yawanawa tribe in Brazil this evening is dedicated to share music, sacred space, and heart connections so we can support the village of Mutum to build a spiritual community centre called a “Shuhu”


The Shuhu is their traditional housing that they all used to live in as one big community long before the white people came and traditions changed drastically.

For the Yawanawa their spirituality is what everything else is built on. It's their foundation of life that has been taken away for many years while the rubber tappers and the missionaries took over their villages.

It is only now that they come back to their full strength, reintegrating spirituality into their every day life and teaching the younger generations the wisdom their elders carried throughout the most challenging times.

Almost lost it is this wisdom about the healing plants of the Amazon, the sacred songs, their traditional language and their natural way of living in harmony with nature, that is so important to be maintained and passed on to future generations.

For the Yawanawa to regain their strength as a community they're in need of a place where they can come together and gather.�Where they can share their culture and wisdom with the younger generations as well as the people who come there to experience deep healing and connection with themselves.


All proceeds are going towards this project of the Floresta Association.


Thursday July 11th, 6-9pm



Venice Beach


The Yawanawa are an indigenous tribe that have been living in the Amazon Rainforest since the beginning of time. It’s their home yet they don’t see themselves as the owners of the land. They are the care takers. The guardians.

Living sustainably and in harmony with nature, they've been nomads for centuries.

After the first contact with the white people this changed and hey started to settle. Now they need support to live a self sustaining life again.

The culture of the Yawanawa is so rich and precious that it is of extreme importance to preserve their heritage and share it with the world.